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“Universal” 3D-TV glasses unveiled

February 28, 2011

By Chris Forrester

To date there has been something of a battle taking place amongst TV manufacturers as to whether to back ‘active’ or ‘passive’ 3D systems. Most users agree that ‘active’ glasses work best, but they’re not cheap.  Now a French company is claiming the ‘world’s first’ all-technology 3D solution.

Volfoni’s ActiveEyes units will be showcased at the giant Hanover CeBIT show (March 1-5), and Volfoni say these true hybrid glasses will work just as well with TV, or computer-based, 3D content, and will work just as well in cinemas (which generally use low-cost ‘passive’ technology). Volfoni is well-regarded in France as a leading supplier of ‘active’ 3D glasses for theatres.

However, Volfoni say what makes their units so appealing is that they are comfortable and highly efficient in terms of brightness and luminosity – a common complaint for passive systems.  The specs weigh in at just 29 grammes, and can also be used as exterior sunglasses.

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