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Switched Video Transport solution from Transmode

May 2, 2011

Colin Mann @ ANGA Cable

Optical networking solutions provider has confirmed the availability of its new Switched Video Transport solution to address the bandwidth challenges associated with the migration to High Definition and 3D TV.

To address such challenges, Transmode has developed the new Switched Video Transport solution that utilises Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) and Internet Group Managed Protocol (IGMPv3) capabilities within the Layer 2 Ethernet Muxponder family of TM-Series plug-in units. These new capabilities enable network operators to optimise multi-cast traffic by only forwarding multicast channels to ports that have specifically requested them rather than flooding all channels to all ports. Furthermore, the solution also supports additional services such as unicast video traffic, broadband backhaul and wholesale and business services from the same network infrastructure.

Transmode notes that these new capabilities are typically only found in high-end core routers and switches, and suggests that its approach, where the transport network provides this optimisation, can radically change the economics of deploying an optimised network. The solution is available from June 2011 and is currently undergoing laboratory evaluations with a major European Cable TV operator.

Sten Nordell, Transmode’s CTO, said the architecture enabled it to focus on providing a range of high-end solutions for Transport Ethernet in applications such as Business Ethernet Services, Mobile Backhaul and now Switched Video Transport, rather than a generic switching device.

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