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Motive TV wins Granite test

May 4, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Motive TV has won a US pilot trial for its ‘television anytime, anywhere’ place and time-shifting technology. San Francisco’s KOFY-TV, owned by Granite Broadcasting, is to test-run the service in order to “identify the most attractive features…for all of Granite’s US markets,” according to a statement.

Len Fertig, CEO of Motive Television PLC said: “Motive’s partnership with Granite in evaluating our Television Anytime Anywhere platform is a significant step forward in one of the world’s largest and most technically advanced television markets.  We believe that the features of our technology platform are attractive to developed markets such as the United States, and we anticipate this pilot will provide critical market data to drive additional interest in the US.”

Motive’s technology is software based, and as well as handling the place-shifting of content to any device, anywhere, the software can remotely control content selection, and play out pre-recorded material on a user’s DVR.  “We believe our software-based product is far easier to integrate into pay-TV operator’s equipment, and really does take the any screen, anywhere concept to the next level, and at a fraction of the Slingbox model,” states Fertig.

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