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Spain HbbTV trial

May 20, 2011

By David Del Valle in Madrid

Mediaset España, owner of commercial TV channels Tele 5 and Cuatro and operator of other four DTT channels (Factoria de Ficcion, La Siete, Boing and Divinity), and telco operator Telefonica have signed an agreement to develop an HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) service with a trial to be launched shortly, according to both companies.

The trial will be implemented over Telefonica’s IPTV, VOD and Internet platforms and services, Movistar Imagenio, Movistar Videoclub and Terra TV, respectively, distributing Tele 5’s content and the other Mediaset’s channels in Spain. Other TV channels may take part in the project as the strategic alliance between both companies is open to third parties, as they said.

Initially, the HbbTV trial project will include a side bar on the TV screen with access to interactive applications enriched with additional information and links to social networks to allow viewers to interact in real time with the content they are watching. Mediaset España will launch a VoD TV channel through Telefonica’s OTT service Movistar Videoclub with pay-per-view content. In addition, Mediaset claims that it will be the first Spanish TV company to develop a plethora of TV Apps through IPTV platform Movistar Imagenio to allow viewers to have more information, for example about the characters or presenters of a particular series or programme or to participate in voting systems or surveys or even have access to photos through an RSS system.

Mediaset España also plans to make its content available to Internet video platforms such as Telecinco web page, Cuatro MiTele and Play Cuatro or in Telefonica’s case Terra TV.

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