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Reggefiber selects Genexis’ CORE product family for roll-out of new FTTH networks

May 23, 2011

Reggefiber, market expert in the deployment and maintenance of FTTH networks in the Netherlands, has confirmed the first FTTH projects using the brand new CORE product line by Genexis, starting in June 2011. Characterized by a contemporary design and a wide range of high-end features, it shows a clear step forward in the area of FTTH gateways.

With the CORE product line, Genexis is the first company to offer a range of products fully compatible with the new fiber termination standard, initiated by Reggefiber. This makes the CORE product line the number one choice for the roll-out of next-generation FTTH networks. “Genexis and Reggefiber have succesfully worked together in the past,” says Peter Kamphuis, Director of Operations from Reggefiber. “The CORE products fit our demands perfectly and we are therefore looking forward to continuing our collaboration!”

“The launch of our new product family is the result of a strong relationship and co-development between both parties,” adds Luuk Pals, Director of Sales and New Business at Genexis. “Reggefiber will also continue to invest in our FiberXport products, making our collaboration even stronger. This is a clear confirmation of our leading position in the FTTH market, and Genexis is on schedule for further expansion in Europe.”

The first projects utilizing the CORE products will be initiated in multiple municipalities, starting in June. Reggefiber has the ambition to connect all homes in the Netherlands to fiber.

The CORE product line comes in two types: The CORE Compact and the CORE Advanced. The latter one is the flagship of Genexis’ new product family and houses a wide range of functionalities. It offers features such as Gigabit, routing, WiFi, WDM-PON and USB. The CORE Compact is its smaller brother, offering an efficient combination of powerful functionality and a compact design. Both products offer optimal triple-play performance.

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