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Ofcom acts on 4G digital TV interference

June 2, 2011

Ofcom has outlined plans to prevent digital TV signals being interrupted by next-generation mobile services. From 2013, 4G coverage will be rolled out across the UK, with the technology set to make use of the 800MHz frequency band that will be auctioned off in 2012.

The proximity of the 800MHz spectrum to the frequencies currently used to deliver DTT services has prompted Ofcom to publish the guidance.

According to the media watchdog, up to three per cent of DTT viewing equipment – TVs and STBs – could be affected by interference if no steps are taken.

In some instances, consumers will be able to rectify the problem by fitting a filter to their aerial designed to block the unwanted frequency that interrupts normal reception. However, in less than 0.1 per cent of cases, this will fail to solve the issue and the viewer may need to switch platform (to cable, DTH or IPTV).

Ofcom will publish a further consultation on the matter in autumn.

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