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TV One issued patent on revolutionary new CORIO3 Video Processing Technology

June 10, 2011

TV One announces that the United Kingdom Patent Office has granted TV One a patent on their new CORIO3 Video Processing Technology. US and International Patents are Pending and expected soon. CORIO3 will be debuted at the upcoming InfoComm Exhibition held in Orlando, Florida on June 15th – 17th.

CORIO3 is a radically new approach to video scaling, incorporating such advanced features as Simultaneous Multiple Image Processing, Real-time, 360° Rotation (independent for all PIPs and outputs) and Image Warping to allow Off-Axis and Curved Screen Projection. These are in addition to all standard features previously present in CORIO2, such as Any Resolution or Format In or Out, Up/Down/Cross Conversion, Video Wall Processing, Edge Blending, Windowing and Multiviewing. Remarkably, CORIO3 allows all of these functions to happen simultaneously with a maximum of two frames delay.

CORIO3 technology allows a single product to do the work that was previously done by numerous pieces of equipment, such as routers, seamless switchers, multi-viewers, video wall processors, edge blenders, image rotators, image warpers. At InfoComm 2011, TV One will demonstrate the first CORIO3 based multi-function product, called CORIOmaster, which provides a new approach to Video/Audio Systems design.

CORIO3 based products will bring environmental responsibility to a new level for professional video users. By combining the tasks of many products into a single unit, power consumption can be reduced by as much as 90 per cent. Even though TV One’s CORIOmaster will be the first product utilising CORIO3 technology, licensing agreements will allow other manufacturers to leap into a greener future.

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