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Motorola gets DTLA nod for digital transmission content protection

June 13, 2011

Motorola Mobility has confirmed that its Internet Protocol Rights Management-Home Network (IPRM-HN) technology has passed the Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator’s (DTLA) approval process as an “approved output and recording technology” for digital transmission content protection (DTCP). As interest in delivering media beyond the TV screen rapidly increases, the DTLA approval gives service providers confidence in using Motorola’s technology to securely move digital content, such as movies or live TV, throughout the home.

Motorola’s IPRM-HN technology is designed to provide the ability to securely stream or copy stored content from an initial receiving device to another authenticated device within the consumer’s home network, also called the secure home domain. Motorola’s technology will provide another level of confidence for content providers, such as studios and network broadcasters, that a service provider’s security system is capable of protecting valuable video assets. As part of the SecureMedia portfolio, Motorola’s IPRM-HN increases security features on Motorola’s video delivery devices such as our set-top box portfolio and the VAP2400 video bridge solution.

Motorola now has received approval of its IPRM-HN technology from both DTLA and CableLabs, which ensures that its technology meets the highest protection standards in the industry. This approval by DTLA indicates the high confidence in Motorola Mobility to deliver secure content protection capabilities in and around the home.

“Motorola recognises that premium content delivered to consumers by service providers needs to be strictly protected and delivered in a secure manner,” said Paul Moroney, vice president and Motorola Fellow, Motorola Mobility. “We created IPRM-HN to ensure that content value is preserved and business models and contracts can be enforced, while simultaneously providing subscribers with seamless content consumption throughout their homes.”

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