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Ukraine IPTV to reach 104,000 subs by 2016

July 12, 2011

IPTV in the Ukraine is expected to provide a CAGR of 42 per cent between 2011-2016, reaching 104,000 subscribers, or 2 per cent of all pay-TV subscribers, according to a report by Pyramid Research.

Pyramid Research’s projections are driven by the assumption that NKRZ will finally grant the long-awaited IPTV licenses in the latter part of 2011. “This will enable a number of fixed operators to enter the multiplay zone and offer true multiplay services,” says Pyramid Research Analyst Sylwia Boguszewska. “Pyramid expects increased M&A activity in the cable segment, with this technology dominating the pay-TV market throughout the forecast period,” she adds.

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