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Satellite costs Paraguay cable 40% of subs

July 26, 2011

By Chris Forrester

Paraguay’s Cable Operators Association says some 40 per cent of its former pay-TV subscribers are now viewing signals direct from satellites. The Association’s 60 members have a presence in 55 main cities and regions of the country, and have now requested a meeting with Paraguay’s president to discuss what they see as a major problem.

Paraguayans are viewing signals from the Amazonas satellites, and receiver boxes and dishes are available in price ranges from US$38 to $155, according to The Nation newspaper.

Federico Osorio, President of the Association, pointed out that cable operators may gain greater competitiveness with an amendment in the country’s regulation. At present, cable companies pay the National Telecommunications Commission fees for the use of radio electrical spectrum, even though signals are delivered via a cable. There are about 220,000 cable subscribers in the country.

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