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MOVL connects smart TVs and mobile devices

October 13, 2011

MOVL has announced the release of their patented MOVL Connect Platform at the Game Developers Conference Online in Texas. The MOVL Connect Platform gives developers the tools necessary to create apps that can link SmartTVs and mobile devices. The platform allows various devices to communicate in a shared experience and supports the creation of multi-user, multi-screen applications such as multiplayer games, second-screen TV experiences and interactive advertising.

MOVL’s technology earned its laurels at last year’s “Free the TV Challenge” contest by Samsung when their WeDraw, a two-screen drawing and guessing application, took home the grand prize. This year, Samsung has leveraged the MOVL Connect Platform as a tool that provides multi-device connection capability to contestants.

“Some of the multi-screen applications that developers are creating on our platform have simply blown us away” said Juan Pablo Gnecco, CEO of MOVL. “We have seen ideas ranging from basic living-room interactive games, and second screen TV viewing experiences, to restaurant trivia networks and even in-stadium interaction with a team’s JumboTron!”

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