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Consumers still don’t care about 3DTV

November 3, 2011

Despite the ongoing push from TV vendors and broadcasters, people just don’t seem to care about 3DTV. A recent survey conducted by found that among those who plan to purchase a HDTV in the coming year, only 22 per cent stated definitively that they planned to seek out a TV with 3D capabilities. Another 23 per cent said they would buy a 3DTV if the additional cost was minimal, and 55 per cent of respondents said they would not be purchasing a 3DTV, even if a set with 3D technology cost only slightly more than a 2DTV.

When consumers with no interest in buying a 3DTV were asked why the new technology didn’t appeal to them, 30 per cent were bothered by the need for special glasses and 40 per cent said there’s not enough 3D programming to warrant a purchase.’s survey of more than 1,000 people also found that only 33 per cent of consumers plan to purchase an HDTV in the coming year, and the slowed purchasing trend among consumers is hurting consumer electronics companies around the world. Sony, for example, recently lowered its full-year TV sales estimate from 22 million units to 20 million.

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