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SugarDVD unlimited streaming on PS3, Google TV

November 11, 2011

SugarDVD has opened up its Unlimited TV Streaming service to all Playstation 3 and Google TV users in the US. Anyone with a Roku, Boxee, Playstation 3 or a Google TV device can instantly stream hundreds of movies to their TV using SugarDVD’s service.

The apps require no downloading or discs, giving new users instant access to an expanding library of titles. Customers can also use the web browser on Google TV and the PS3 to buy movies and update their account information on the site.

The unlimited TV service is included with all DVD rental plans for no additional cost. For $9.95 a month, a customer can stream as many movies as they want, as often as they want, and rent one DVD by mail at a time. A 10-day free trial is currently available for new customers.

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