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31% to ignore Ofcom piracy warnings

November 16, 2011

A poll carried out by UK help site PC Advisor suggests that 31 per cent of respondents plan to continue sharing files illegally despite the possibility of receiving warning letters from Ofcom.

Ofcom says that in 2013 warning letters will be the first-step in the ‘three-strike’ rule set out in the Digital Economy Act in a big to tackle net piracy.

Despite the news of stricter regulations on illegal file sharing and the threat of disconnecting repeat offenders from the internet, 18 per cent of people who took part in the poll still plan to share files illegally because they think “it’s beyond policing now.”

A further 13 per cent of respondents planned to continue illegally share files but confirmed they would do so while taking “more precautions not to get caught”. The remaining seven per cent who admitted to illegally sharing files (48 per cent in total), revealed they were taking Ofcom’s new measures seriously and said they would “have to see the letter” before they would make up their mind as to whether they would continue illegally sharing files or not.

The vast majority of poll participants (62 per cent) claimed they do not illegally share files, so are not concerned by Ofcom’s new plan.

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