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Limelight Networks launches Limelight Deploy as Managed CDN Platform for network operators, access networks, content aggregators and enterprises

February 9, 2012

Limelight Networks has announced the formal launch of Limelight Deploy, a Managed CDN Platform offering. Limelight Deploy enables network operators, access networks, content aggregators, and enterprises to gain control over the rapidly increasing content on their networks and quickly deploy revenue-generating CDN services integrated with a rich set of cloud-based services such as website and application acceleration, storage, web and video management. Customers can also choose to leverage the world’s 7th largest network and one of the world’s only global, proven, at-scale CDNs.

Network operators are looking to reduce costs, quickly expand their service offerings and generate new revenue streams due to increasing competition from an ever expanding roster of competing services from access networks, content aggregators, and enterprises. Most importantly, as the demand for content continues to grow, operators are seeking to leverage their network investments by gaining more control over the flow of content across their network infrastructure. CDN services offer these operators the opportunity to reduce the costs of the content explosion, leverage their network infrastructure investments and evolve their service mix beyond their rapidly commoditizing traditional markets to provide new services such as website and application acceleration, storage, web and video management on a global scale to rapidly generate revenue and increase margins.

“The Content Delivery Network solution that we developed in partnership with Limelight Networks has helped us address our business customers’ growing need to deliver a broad range of rich, high-quality content to their online audiences, including streaming video, audio, and images,” said Jeremy Wubs, Vice-President — Product Management, Bell Business Markets. “As Limelight’s exclusive Canadian partner, our CDN solutions are also helping businesses offer the best possible user experience with increased website reliability and performance.”

Limelight Deploy bridges the gap between other CDN solutions on the market today. Out-of-the-box solutions provide a CDN without bringing any network expertise, while licensed CDN offerings elongate the time to revenue as they place the full burden of deploying and managing the CDN on the customer from day one. In contrast, a managed solution by Limelight Deploy offers a range of service levels and a professional services team with a decade of experience, to help the provider reduce costs managing content on their network and generate revenue quickly by focusing on selling and participating in a proven migration path to operator control. In the case of a complete managed CDN implementation, Limelight’s proprietary CDN solution is deployed within the customer’s infrastructure giving the operator control over the CDN solution deployed within its network.

Built on a private-network implementation where more than 85 percent of the traffic is delivered off the public Internet to ensure a high QoS for customers and content, Limelight Deploy provides customers a white-labeled CDN solution using proven Limelight CDN technology, cloud-based software-as-a service capability, and technical expertise. The offering can be deployed in a range of options for the provider’s CDN servers, deployed on the provider’s servers or hosted on Limelight, and customized to best match the provider’s skill set, existing network operations, desired level of control, and financial objectives.

Limelight Deploy offers access to Limelight cloud-based services that deliver access to new revenue streams and the workflow to solve today’s complex content publishing challenges, including mobile publishing, cloud storage, and video management.   Limelight cloud-based services such as Limelight Reach, Limelight Video Platform, Limelight Dynamic Site Platform, and Limelight Accelerate help providers drive their CDN service offerings and expand margins.

“Limelight has provided custom managed content delivery network platform offerings for the past five years, successfully helping our customers enter the CDN market, and Limelight Deploy is the result of the best practices from that experience,” said Peter Coppola, Vice President of Products at Limelight. “Key to its success has been as a managed service offering, which provides the immediacy, flexibility, scale and reliability that enables customers to reduce costs and offer new services quickly, generating new revenue streams, and decreasing margins on existing service offerings.”

Limelight Deploy offers:
* Efficient, fast, multi-format caching—Web caching for HTTP, HTTPS, Flash, and Windows Media with market proven scale for local delivery
* Advanced management and reporting services—detailed insight into content delivery activities
* Innovative services that solve real problems—a portfolio of services designed to work together to solve complex content publishing workflow challenges

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