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Chellomedia installs Actus for broadcast monitoring and analysis

February 14, 2012

Actus Digital, a provider of web-based media monitoring and management solutions for broadcasters, government agencies and content producers, have announced that Chellomedia’s Spain-based business unit, Chello Multicanal, installed the advanced Actus monitoring and analysis system in their Barcelona facility. Chello Multicanal is the largest independent producer of thematic channels for Spain and Portugal, distributing content to 20 thematic TV channels. The new Actus installation is used by a wide-range of Chello Multicanal staff including the programming department to monitor all distributed channels, advertising for proof of delivery of commercials, senior managers for reporting, and two technical teams who proactively monitor broadcast performance.

“Actus media monitoring offers a flexible and reliable enterprise solution that supports our diverse system-wide broadcast monitoring and analysis needs. Its ability to simultaneously monitor broadcast performance and share broadcasted content and statistics easily across departments has helped us enhance our broadcast quality,” comments Rodolfo Garcia Cosin, CTO, Chello Multicanal. “We have a tremendous amount of confidence in using Actus. The user-friendly interface allows for the proactive management and analysis of live broadcast transmissions by all groups…technical and non-technical. We are pleased with our decision to go with Actus and look forward to a continued partnership with the team at Actus Digital.”

The Actus installation at Chello Multicanal features monitoring of up to 16 audio tracks per TV channel, closed captions and sub-titles from several tracks; as well as recording and archiving at near HD data rates and screen size. The flexible Actus system architecture lets users connect via LAN and remotely via Internet. “Chellomedia required not only a highly reliable monitoring system that was easy to use, but advanced enough to withstand the rigors of an enterprise broadcast workflow with some 20 channels to manage and monitor. Actus’ flexible compliance recording and logging meets regulatory requirements with added media management capabilities for conducting extensive content searches and analysis. This is ideal for sharing content and insight across multiple groups and geographic regions,” comments Sima Levy, President, Actus Digital. “Equally important is the built-in Actus View alert system that detects changes in quality. Whether it is a blip in audio or a transmission crisis, Actus keeps Chellomedia informed, enabling them to address a system health issue downstream or redirect an entire transmission to multiple channels.”

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