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Iran sat-dish ban, and Boston

February 28, 2012

It is a tale of two cities, where one is an evil regime that won’t allow people to watch satellite TV, and then there’s Iran!
Iran doesn’t like satellite TV, or perhaps more accurately it doesn’t like TV that comes into its country from outside its borders. The United Nations, via the International Telecommunications Union, has just condemned Iran for its persistent and regular jamming of incoming signals.

These actions by Iran have not only damaged transmissions from the BBC, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, but even signals from its Arab neighbours. A Dubai media conference heard Feb 27 from a number of Arab and international delegates that the jamming has increased.

Additionally, Iranian police have again been confiscating dishes in the name of “social security”. Fortunately, dishes and their associated receivers, are so cheap that people simply replace then once the police have moved away to another unfortunate district.

The Boston problem, as reported by the Boston Globe, concerns the “clumps of satellite dishes installed haphazardly on the fronts of houses in East Boston”. City Councilor Sal LaMattina wants the Council to ban dishes from the fronts of buildings. He has the support of Boston’s mayor.

Boston’s historic districts already have such a ban in place, and as a result dishes are less of a visible eyesore. Cllr LaMattina wants dishes mounted on the rear of buildings, out of sight from the front.

A similar ban is being discussed in Philadelphia, and the Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Assoc. is reportedly considering challenging these actions. The Boston Globe, far from staying neutral, is supporting Cllr LaMattina and is calling for dishes to be installed where they can be practical but also visually pleasing.
Shame about Iran, however.

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