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BBC’s Danker: ‘Simplify connected TV’

March 2, 2012

By Colin Mann

Suggesting that connected TVs are “punching below their weight,” in terms of iPlayer requests, Daniel Danker, General Manager, iPlayer at the BBC has called on consumer electronics manufacturers to simplify such devices.

“If connected TV is going to be mainstream, you have to go back to basics,” he told delegates at the DTG Summit 2012 in London. This entailed the experience being more like a TV than a PC, and avoid mention of such requirements as ‘firmware upgrade’.

“I believe connected TV can make TV better,” he declared, suggesting that by 2015, he expected over half of iPlayer requests to come from connected TVs. Currently, demand from such devices is outstripped by the iPad.

Earlier, suggesting that connected TV would be “the game-changer”, DTG chairman David Docherty announced the Digital Television Group (DTG) was setting up a hybrid TV task force to work with counterpart bodies in the UK and abroad to ensure the UK’s lead in digital television was transferred to the hybrid domain.


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