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ALi to showcase latest STB solutions targeting China at 2012 CCBN Beijing

March 6, 2012

ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box (STB) system-on-chip (SoC) solution provider, today announced that it will demonstrate its latest STB solutions targeting domestic digital TV broadcasting market in China at the upcoming 2012 CCBN Beijing to be held on March 21st at booth 1B601.

Catering to the faster-than-ever trend of digital broadcasting migration from standard definition to high definition in the Chinese domestic market, ALi will be showcasing some of the industry’s best performing and commercially available HD STB solutions at CCBN 2012 aiming to provide more optimized choices to Chinese TV operators. These include the HD SoC of M3701C for HD ASO (Analogue switch off), advanced HD solution of M3701H offering two-way communications, and specialized HD platform of M3701M suited to the three-network convergence. ALi will also exhibit a range of new industry-leading chips including SD Cable basic model of M3202-C and M3381T focused on the DTMB segment.

Dr. Ben Lin, the president of ALi Corp. stated, “All the solutions to be demonstrated at CCBN 2012 are ALi’s latest STB technologies, with a focus on showcasing multiple HD products. Already covering a full range of products from one-way to two-way communications, standard definition to high definition solutions, ALi Corp. keeps putting forth complete solutions tailored to the Chinese domestic Cable and DTMB STB markets. We have once again proved to the market how dedicated ALi has been to the Chinese domestic digital TV broadcasting industry. At CCBN 2012, the industry is going to witness state-of-the-art developments of ALi’s STB solutions for digital TV broadcasting in China.”

M3701C – Excellent Price Performance HD DVB-C solution
M3701C is a highly integrated DVB-C SoC targeting Chinese domestic HD ASO (Analog-Switch-off) segment, which not only meets the functionality requirement of HD market but also offers an optimized cost structure. M3701C provides the capability to expand the content of digital TV broadcasting and supports H.264/AVS decoder applications, which significantly reduce the required bandwidth resources for operators and service providers. Furthermore, M3701C features 32-bit dual CPU and 2.5D Graphic Engine such that end customers may enjoy a better user experience when operating HD middleware. In terms of price and performance, M3701C is highly competitive compared to other currently available cable STB solutions.

M3701H – Advanced HD two-way communications DVB-C solution
In response to the increasing end demand for interactive value-added services in the HD STB market, M3701H features higher CPU processing efficiency as well as more built-in storage and provides support for the capability to expand services. Meanwhile, M3701H supports an open Linux platform and most mainstream middleware, offering flexibility for operators and service providers to develop extendable applications.

M3701M – Full HD DVB-C open platform solution targeting Three-Network Convergence
M3701M is a highly integrated full HD DVB-C SoC designed for the trend of multimedia convergence. Featured with 32-bit CPU with processing speed of over 4000 DMIPS, M3701M is proved to outperform other similar solutions currently available on the market in terms of operating and processing power. Supporting Linux and Android operating system and maintaining application development flexibility, M3701M presents an ideal platform for operators and service providers to easily develop value-added services to satisfy current demand and also to readily expand their services for all kinds of future opportunities. In addition, M3701M is equipped with an embedded high-performance Open GL ES v2.0 vector graphic engine to support development of 3D gaming. In all, M3701M provides the best platform for all kinds of two-way value-added services to be realized under the concept of three-network convergence.

M3202-C – One price serves all; best solution for rural areas, remote villages, and 2nd STB markets
As the Chinese cable ASO gradually expands from cities to rural areas and remote villages, and additionally to second STB in urban families, how to provide these customers a mature STB solution with a high price/performance ratio has become a major concern for operators and service providers. ALi’s M3202-C, a highly integrated SD DVB-C SoC, is especially designed for this segment. Packed with advanced functionalities, M3202C is a top choice for operators to provide the entry level standard definition STB market with value-added services while meeting the requirement for optimal cost structure.

M3381-T – Terrestrial Solution
Supporting standard definition MPEG-2, H.264, and AVS video decoder applications, which effectively reduce bandwidth requirement, M3381T is a cost efficient SoC compliant with Chinese domestic terrestrial broadcasting standard, DTMB. M3381T serves as an extension to the digital TV broadcasting network, providing digital broadcasting services to areas without cable network deployment.

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