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SeaChange rolls out on-demand ads for Rogers

March 14, 2012

SeaChange International has announced that Rogers Communications is dynamically inserting advertisements into Rogers On Demand programme streams during mid-roll breaks, achieving what it claims is a first among television operators in the US.  As one of the systems integrators supporting Rogers, SeaChange added its Advertising Decision Manager to Rogers’ multi-vendor environment, which is based on SeaChange’s open video back office and video servers.

Dynamic mid-roll insertion of ads and pre-roll insertion of content promotions, triggered by SCTE 130 cues, began last month. Dynamic insertion will be implemented across Rogers’ cable markets later this year. SeaChange’s open Advertising Decision Manager brokers ad placement requests from the back office to the Advertising Decision System (ADS), instructs the video servers on which playlist to use, and then reports all of the playout data to the ADS for traffic and billing.

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