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Record fragmentation in Spanish TV

May 3, 2012

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spanish TV market is increasingly fragmented as a result of the highly saturated TV market with many TV channels hardly reaching a 1 per cent audience rating.

In April, TV fragmentation reached its peak with traditional TV channels Tele 5 and state-owned La 1 leading the ratings with only 13 per cent each. Combined, the three largest TV channels –Tele 5, La 1 and Antena 3- drew 38.2 per cent, the lowest rating in the history of TV in Spain. And this despite the fact that Spaniards spent an average of 254 minutes a day in front of the TV, another record.

Most of Spaniards watch TV through DTT accounting for 80.5 per cent. Cable TV has 14.7 per cent while satellite TV only reaches 4.7 per cent. Thematic TV channels drew an average share of 6.6 per cent.

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