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Liberty Global up 12%

May 11, 2012

Cable operator Liberty Global reconfirmed its full year guidance targets as fourth quarter consolidated revenues went up 12 per cent year-on-year to $2.54 billion, driven mainly by the addition of KBW and Aster and organic revenue increase.  Excluding the acquisition of KBW and Aster, revenue lifted 5.5 per cent to $2.54 billion.

Liberty Global said the integration of the two German operations was “well underway”. At the end of Q1, the operator provided service to a total of 33.4 million revenue-generating units (RGUs), including 18.4 million video, 8.5 million broadband Internet, and 6.5 telephony RGUs, an addition of 586,000 total RGUs. The increase includes 445,000 organic RGU additions and 136,000 that were added from 1 January, when the company began counting small office home office (SOHO) RGUs for external reporting purposes. The company lost 86,000 video RGU’s, compared to a loss of 85,000 RGUs a year previous.

Liberty added 279,000 digital cable subscribers (penetration at 47 per cent), 254,000 broadband Internet customers (up34 per cent), as well as 277,000 telephony subscribers (up 79 per cent). The customer base reached 19.6 million customers, including 11.2 million single-play, 2.9 double-play and 5.5 triple-play subscribers. Liberty said it now has 431 per cent of customers taking more than one service.

The company expects to role its Horizon ‘TiVo beater’ system in The Netherlands in Q3 and Switzerland thereafter.

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