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Hillcrest motion control for China Smart TVs

May 24, 2012

Hillcrest Labs has announced that TCL Multimedia, one of China’s leading TV and consumer electronics brands, is using Hillcrest’s patented Freespace motion software for TCL’s Android-based Smart TVs, including its flagship V7500 Android 4.03 Smart TV, and motion sensing remotes. The Smart TV system will be available in China this month and in other markets later this year. TCL and Hillcrest have entered into a worldwide license agreement for TCL to use Hillcrest’s Freespace in-air pointing and motion control solution in current and future products.

TCL Android Smart TVs and motion remotes feature Hillcrest’s Freespace MotionEngine Smart TV software and Freespace Gesture Recognition Engine, which enable motion, gesture and cursor control to be used to navigate and interact with an array of Smart TV content. This includes the TV menus, Web browser, games, and a wide variety of Android applications. The Freespace MotionEngine Smart TV software provides precise motion data for mouse-like point-and-click functionality, and motion gaming applications. The Freespace Gesture Recognition Engine allows users to perform simple gestures to accomplish various tasks, which can include virtual controls such as twisting the remote to adjust volume, as well as alpha-numeric in-air gestures to change channels, switch applications or function as passwords to login to individual user accounts.

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