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EMCORE now shipping advanced Optiva next-generation optical extension cards for real-time 1080p HD video over fibre

June 22, 2012

EMCORE Corporation, a provider of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the fibre optic and solar power markets, is ramping production and shipping the Opticomm-EMCORE NEXTGEN OTP-1DVI2A1SU insert cards for the Optiva platform.  Since its market debut in 2011, the OTP-1DVI2A1SU has seen multiple upgrades and enhancements to make it more customisable and energy efficient, while still delivering real-time, high-bandwidth video over fiber optic transport systems for the Broadcast and Professional Audio/Visual (AV) markets.

The OTP-1DVI2A1SU provides seamless transmission of DVI or VGA video, stereo analog or digital audio, and USB KM and RS-232 serial data for control of peripherals over long or short distances from 0.5 to 70 km.  This transmitter-receiver pair is ideal for applications such as large multi-screens, JumboTron, digital signage, VIP suite broadcasting, medical imaging, graphic design, movie editing, drafting, KVM workstations, animation and secure video conferencing.

Featuring the improved scaling capabilities of our proprietary Intelli-scale technology, the OTP-1DVI2A1SU seamlessly receives any analogue or digital resolution and then automatically scales its output to the monitor’s native resolution.  This allows for easy integration and solves compatibility issues between monitors and source types.  It supports graphics resolutions up to 2560×1600 / 60Hz and video resolutions up to 1080p / 60Hz without compression or degradation of picture quality.

“We continue to offer industry-leading products that rapidly scale and convert almost any format of high-resolution analogue or digital video over fiber, while minimizing integration complexity and reducing installation time,” said Henok Tafese, Senior Director of Business Development for EMCORE.

The full Optiva line of video, audio and data extension cards was designed to maintain lossless fiber extension between input and output signals.  New signals may be added to most products through our proprietary daisy-chain technology without the need for additional fibre.  The Optiva line of products also includes insert cards for up to 16 channels of multiplexing/demultiplexing, 16×16 matrix switching, optical add/drop, as well as remote system monitoring.  Optiva insert cards can be installed in both 19” rackmount and compact tabletop, or wall-mountable enclosures.

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