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Hulu co-pro with BBC

July 19, 2012

Hulu will coproduce the fourth season of the BBC’s political comedy ‘The Thick of It‘. The deal, which is the first international coproduction by Hulu, will give the streaming video operation exclusive US rights to premiere the fourth season in the US It will air first in the US on Hulu and Hulu Plus on the same day as the UK broadcast before returning to BBC America early next year.

Also as part of the deal Hulu and Hulu Plus will exclusively offer every episode from the first three seasons of series as well as the two specials released between seasons in the UK.

“I very quickly became obsessed with this show, and it is exactly the kind of show Hulu viewers will love,” said Hulu senior VP of content Andy Forssell, in a statement. “We’re really excited to give US audiences a chance to catch up with all previous episodes, and as series co-producers for season four, we are proud to make full seasons of this distinctive and smart show available exclusively to Hulu viewers.”

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