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aQuestora to deploy next-gen fibre access networks using LG-Ericsson multiservice fibre access platform and Genexis broadband CPE solution

July 23, 2012

Network connectivity provider aQuestora intends to deliver optical fibre-based broadband infrastructure utilising LG-Ericsson’s Ethernet Access 1100 universal fibre platform and Genexis’ Hybrid series CPE equipment. aQuestora provides connectivity services to service providers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and end users. aQuestora is building open access broadband networks that grow business and accelerates public access to next-gen high speed services throughout The Netherlands.

LG-Ericsson’s EA 1100 platform is an ideal fit for aQuestora’s needs. The EA 1100 solution supports Gigabit bandwidth point-to-point symmetrical services per user over a flexible arrangement of fibre distribution technologies. The system guarantees secure separation of user traffic and provides robust quality of service capabilities that support stringent SLA requirements. This gives aQuestora the ability to provide both business and residential customers with secure, open access, and the flexibility to support multiple service providers.

Genexis’ open access CPE portfolio has proven to be the number one choice of many FTTH deployments worldwide. aQuestora’s selection of the Hybrid product line enables deployment of a fully modular home gateway, offering a cost-effective and flexible service platform. From investment and installation through to operation, Genexis’ products prove to deliver the lowest total lifecycle cost of ownership. Genexis’ long-lasting partnership with LG-Ericsson is a solid proof point for end-to-end interoperability.

“aQuestora has succeeded in finding reliable partners to achieve the set goals positioning itself as a neutral open active operator.” said Jan Herps, Co-founder and director aQuestora. “Our customers are service providers in the widest range, including the rapidly upcoming services in healthcare. They accept only the highest reliability, and we have the same criteria in the selection of our business partners, as we did with LG- Ericsson and Genexis”.

“LG-Ericsson is pleased to be selected by aQuestora for the important role of network equipment provider” said Wim te Niet, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, LG-Ericsson. “We understand what it takes to work closely with our customers such as aQuestora to provide fibre access networks that deliver business and residential services reliably and cost-effectively”.

“The Genexis Hybrid home gateway, based on an open and topology-independent platform, fits perfectly with the ambition of aQuestora to deliver and guarantee an optimal and reliable network. We developed the Hybrid for ultra high-speed networks and services such as healthcare, safety, gaming, education and future applications.” says Luuk Pals, Vice President Business Development, Genexis. “We are therefore pleased with the selection by aQuestora as preferred CPE supplier and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the years to come.”

aQuestora’s projects are moving from planning and customer sign-up phase to implementation, with intention to roll out municipal, school and healthcare networks starting in the second half of 2012.

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