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IFA: LG shows off 55” OLED

August 31, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Not to be outdone by similar announcements from Sony and Panasonic, Thursday at Berlin’s IFA was LG’s moment in the limelight when it showed off its hugely impressive 55” OLED display.

LG technology is based on a proprietary panel design that adds a fourth white pixel to the normal trio of red, green and blue pixels. The screen also includes something LG describe as a colour refiner that is said to ensure colours are consistent across the screen no matter what the viewing angle. LG also argued that its technology means a lower production price for large-panel OLEDs than its rivals.

LG hasn’t firmed up its price just yet but suggests that it will retail at about €9000 (about $11,300). When you recall that Sony’s first entry into OLED was a $2500 laptop for an 11” screen. Some buyers might consider this LG beast as a bargain.

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