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Sony sticks with TVs, commits to 4K

October 2, 2012

By Chris Forrester

Sony’s new CEO Kaz Hirai has told journalists that the electronics giant will stay firmly in the TV manufacturing business, and that it was readying production of new, lower-priced, 4K models.

Hirai was speaking at the giant Ceatec electronics show near Tokyo, and said he recognised that today’s 4K sets were unaffordable. “The pricing right now is obviously not a mass-market proposition.  It’s more of our message to the market about our leadership position we’d like to take in the 4K market as well as making sure that we have a flagship product to really get 4K taking off in the right way.”
“Obviously, this is not the only 4K product that Sony will bring out. We have plans for other 4K models as well, but we wanted to start out with a flagship model to make sure we sent a strong message about our commitment in 4K.”

“I think that Sony has a very deep-rooted DNA in creating the best picture quality combining with the best sound, and our 4K Bravia is a prime example of that DNA and we’re certainly committed to staying in the TV business.”

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