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Toyota adds Sirius-XM to entire US range

January 9, 2013

In a sign that pay-radio is now considered mainstream entertainment as far as North American vehicles are concerned, Toyota has mandated that Sirius-equipped units are now fitted to their entire 2013 range of cars, from ‘basic’ models to up-market models.


SiriusXM will also be standard on all vehicles equipped with Toyota’s popular Entune in-car entertianment system.  The announcement was made at CES.


“Toyota’s significant increase in the availability of Sirius-XM on its new multimedia system shows its commitment to giving customers technology that makes driving a Toyota vehicle even more enjoyable,” said Steve Cook, EVP/ General Manager, Sales and Automotive, Sirius-XM.  “Satellite radio is easy to use and according to a national survey it is a top feature for customers buying vehicles with new multi-media systems.  We are proud that Toyota sees value in making the world’s best audio entertainment available to even more of its customers.”


“Sirius-XM is an easy to use technology that delivers an incredible breadth of content from coast to coast at the touch of a button,” said Jon Bucci, VP/Connected Vehicle Technologies, Toyota US.  “We have included satellite radio in Toyota vehicles since 2004, and the growing variety of programming will appeal to an even wider spectrum of our customers, enhancing the experience of driving a Toyota vehicle.”


Toyota provides customers purchasing new Toyota vehicles with a factory-equipped satellite radio a three-month SiriusXM subscription featuring commercial-free music, premier sports talk and live events, comedy, news, and exclusive talk and entertainment.


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