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Arab “chaos” in TV regulation

January 14, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Yemini observers say there has been a tendency for TV broadcasters in the Middle East generally, and in particular those new TV channels that have emerged following the freedoms won following the ‘Arab Spring’ series of revolutions, for channels to “outdo each other to present the worst that can be offered”.

Abd-al-Salam al-Shurayhi, an anchorman at Al-Sa’idah Satellite TV, described the end result as “chaos” and that different channels are involved in a “space race” to win viewers and support through their TV broadcasts. However, he admitted that the media situation would get better provided the legal and professional performance improves.

The report, carried by BBC Monitoring, said many media outlets suffered a lack of legislative and legal framework, noting that most of these TV channels have been established without any rules or regulations in place, especially in light of the [‘Arab Spring’] transition period, which is characterized by the existence of many problems.

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