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IABM says TV projects still being deferred

January 29, 2013

By Chris Forrester

The IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers) in its important Industry Trends Survey says that while there’s an overall cautious optimism on current and future broadcasting prospects, growth “is still slowed by factors ranging from political and economic uncertainties to limited manufacturing and development capacity”.

“Overall, the survey outcome is still positive, but the mood is much more sanguine than in the recent past,” said  IABM Director General Peter White. “While confidence is growing in many segments and geographic areas, this is not true for all IABM members, many of whom are now feeling the impact of wider political and economic conditions and are adjusting their operations accordingly.”

The IABM Industry Trends Survey, the 16th, indicates that while order levels have remained as expected or fallen, selling prices and material and labour costs have remained generally stable. Order and project deferrals by customers are a primary operating constraint. Fulfilment is limited both by credit and finance issues, and by limited manufacturing capacity. Companies are, however, continuing to make significant investments in research and development.

“At the same time, headcounts are increasing, most likely with the goal of tackling skill shortages. While confidence ratios are rising in the Asia-Pacific region and are stable in Europe, the most significant and striking change occurred in North America, where confidence ratios dropped to levels equal to and then, for the year ahead, lower than the global average,” says the report.

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