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Talk Talk: 10,000 YouView subs a week

February 5, 2013

humax-youviewYouView is estimated to have up to 230,000 subscribers six months after launch, with TalkTalk revealing that it is seeing demand running at more than 10,000 sign-ups per week. This contrasts with reportedly very slow sales through retailers.

The joint venture between the BBC, ITV, BT, Channel 4, Channel 5, Arqiva and TalkTalk finally began selling set-top boxes last July, 18 months after the initial plan.As at the end of January, TalkTalk is estimated to have signed up about 120,000 YouView customers and BT Vision more than 90,000, with maybe up to 20,000 retail sales.

TalkTalk, which began offering a £299 (€344) YouView set-top box for free from late September, said that it had signed up 80,000 YouView customers to December 31st. It is estimated to have added more than 40,000 more customers since December 31st.

BT Vision, which began offering YouView boxes to its customers for free from 26 October, said last week that it had signed up a total of just over 60,000 customers to its service up to 31 December.

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