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Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH: NAB 2013 – 4K, AS-02 and IMF support in CLIPSTER

April 2, 2013

Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH (DVS) consolidates its leading position in the mastering segment at NAB 2013. With CLIPSTER®, the established DI workstation, DVS presents new key features which also include the two groundbreaking standards AS-02 and IMF. With the enhancements in high frame rate DCI mastering, CLIPSTER® offers a frame rate and image quality that has never before been achieved.

Hanover/Las Vegas. From April 8 – 11, Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH (DVS) will be presenting its latest version of CLIPSTER® on booth SL6316 at NAB. Packed with a huge array of product features, the latest version will make everyday DCI and mezzanine format mastering considerably easier. DVS will also be showcasing further key developments in the two standards AS-02 and IMF. In addition, with the HFR enhancements for DCP generation, it is now possible to master cinema films at up to 96 fps (HFR 3D at 48 fps) in high image quality.

Besides its acknowledged and highly praised digital cinema capabilities, CLIPSTER® also supports the IMF (Interoperable Master Format) mezzanine format. As a result, CLIPSTER® is following the latest developments in standards, offering the complete set of SMPTE IMF standards including all sub-formats and CPL (Composition Playlist) support. The IMF package which can be generated in CLIPSTER® is used for B2B exchange and is now available in resolutions of up to 4K instead of the originally planned HD. The idea behind the established DCI wizard has also been implemented for IMF: the new IMF wizard guides the user through each required step and generates the final IMF-compliant IMP (Interoperable Master Package). At the same time, the latest version of CLIPSTER® also lets users merge different IMPs: the integrated Merge Tool offers users the advantage to merge, send and archive the individual IMPs that are created through versioning into a complex deliverable.

The latest toolset for AS-02 also offers key enhancements. Users can now read/write AS-02 as well as convert closed captions into and from .SCC files in CLIPSTER®. This mezzanine format is also used in the industry for contribution as well as increasingly as a replacement for tape. The decisive factor here is the processing speed, which as usual runs at the highest level in CLIPSTER®.

The new high frame rate DCP enhancements in CLIPSTER® offer new types of cinematic experiences. With 3D projects, CLIPSTER® uses a frame rate of 48 fps (resp. 96 fps) instead of the usual 24 fps. Movements appear noticeably crisper and smoother to the viewer as the high frame rate eliminates critical image issues that are annoying to the eye and adds additional information. With 3D films in particular, this creates an extremely immersive experience without the previously known side effects. Thanks to CLIPSTER®, cinema-goers watching “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” can enjoy Middle-earth at 96 fps as if they are actually there.

Stefan Albertz, Product Manager at DVS: “At this year’s NAB, we’ll be focusing on maximum flexibility and convenience offered by CLIPSTER®. As usual, we’ve integrated new formats such as uncompressed DNxHD® and we’ll be offering sensational new features such as the superior quality high frame rate DCP mastering enhancements which we’ve implemented. Above all though, we’ll be offering CLIPSTER® users and interested parties a choice: the flexibility to choose either AS-O2 or IMF – and even the ability to switch between the two as we offer significant support for both future-proof standards.”

About Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH: For more than 25 years, Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH has been very successful in the professional film, video post production and broadcast markets. The specially developed and manufactured hardware and software are applied to the production of popular TV series, Hollywood blockbusters and in Digital Cinema. CLIPSTER® was the first system in the world to make real-time 4K processing possible. The future-proof Media Production Hub VENICE offers a flexible solution for modern, file-based workflows in broadcast environments.

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