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Cryptoguard signs new customer in Madagaskar

May 28, 2013

Antananarivo based operator Blueline is replacing their existing CAS and SMS and becomes the first African DTT operator to use the Swedish security and business system CryptoGuard.

Madagascar operator Blueline and the Swedish CAS and SMS vendor CryptoGuard has come to an agreement. That also means that Blueline will replace their existing CAS and SMS with CryptoGuard.“We chose CryptoGuard for its reliability, power and manageability. Thanks to this new CAS, we strengthen the security of our content and we offer a better customer experience to our subscribers. Says Damien de Lamberterie, CEO of Blueline and continues, “The CryptoGuard user interface and functionality is making the work for both technicians and the customer care staff much more efficient.”

The digitisation is going on around the globe and Africa is a big merging market with a lot of growing economies around the continent.

“We have worked purposefully and continuously on the African market for a couple of years now and we are happy to see that we are following the plan,” says Jesper Stål, Sales director of CryptoGuard.

“Blueline is an ideal customer since we have designed our system to even suit small and medium sized operators with a limited budget. The mixed distribution forms, DVB‐T and IP suits CryptoGuard CAS perfect when our CA manages both forms simultaneously. We are happy to have Blueline as our first DTT operator south of Sahara.”

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