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Globo STB and Cryptoguard partner

September 5, 2012

Polish STB company Globo and the Swedish CAS and SMS manufacturer Cryptoguard have partnered to offer price effective solutions for small and medium sized cable operators.

The companies say “We are proud to be able to offer the CryptoGuard hi-grade security, user friendly and price effective CAS (conditional access system) and easy to use SMS (subscriber management system) in combination with the fantastic SD and HD STBs from Globo.”

“This will be absolutely outstanding on the European market”, says Kjell Carlswärd, CEO Cryptoguard. “Cryptoguard protects against all known methods to hacking the coding system for digital cable TV. Illegal card sharing and piracy is practically impossible with this system. This means that any operator can afford to get a CAS that are approved by all the major content providers”

“Cryptoguard provides complete control over all subscriber card in a cable TV network, while providing the ability to easily build attractive package, handle billing, simplifying payment procedures and in real time the sale in an entirely different way than was previously possible.

The partnership means that Cryptoguard can offer a turnkey solution for operators to a fraction of the price that our competitors do. The whole setup is designed for local markets and the menus in the STBs and SMS can be changed by the operators themselves. There is a strong organization behind this partnership; everything from dealers, manufacturers, system integrators, support and service can be provided in the various markets.”

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