Mexico pay-TV continues to boom

Mexico is enjoying continued demand for pay-TV. Growth in the year to March 31st was at a spectacular 12.4 per cent, taking the total number of subscribing homes to 13.3 million.

Mexico’s COFITEL regulator says the market has a “new dynamism” from the various competitors, both satellite and terrestrial, with a broader range of prices and offers coming into the market making pay-TV possible to a larger number of people on lower incomes.

DTH subscribing is still leading the charge, and in the year to March 31st saw growth of 20.9 per cent. However, this is the lowest percentage growth achieved since 2009. DTH subscriptions stand at 7.1 million. But within the overall DTH numbers Sky Mexico reported 26.4 per cent growth y-o-y.

MMDS viewing is fading to near-zero, falling in percentage terms by 21.2 per cent to just 156,000 subs.

Cable grew 4.8 per cent to a total of 6 million subscribing homes.

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