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Aussies steal most content

July 1, 2013

Illegally downloading content from the Internet, especially television shows and films, is widespread in Australia. According to the inaugural Music Metric Digital Music Index, Australians are the number one biggest users – per head – of illegal digital downloads with 192 million illegal downloads in the first six months of 2012.However fighting piracy is a challenge complicated by the risk of intruding on consumers’ privacy.

David Wiadrowski, PwC’s Technology, Infocoms, Communications and Entertainment Leader commented: “It’s a conundrum, piracy and privacy are so intertwined. Some believe the solution is for ISPs to block or slow online traffic. But this only works for some.”

“We believe a better approach to piracy is the development of new business models that shift the focus from selling consumers content that they own, to selling consumers ‘access’ to the same content they want to experience.”

“The recorded music industry is the poster child for the new time-based subscription model. It was hit first and hardest by piracy and only this year is back into positive revenues. Innovation and necessity were the industry’s keys to success.”

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