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LatAm to top 100m subs by 2018

July 1, 2013

By Chris Forrester

The Latin American market is one of the fastest-growing pay-TV regions in the world. New numbers from Dataxis suggest that by 2018 the top 7 Latin markets will have collectively 98 million subscribers. Add in the other countries and the total easily surpasses 100 million.

The 7 biggest markets of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela) will total 98.32 million subscribers in 2018, according to Dataxis. This figure will equal to a penetration of 68.1 per cent over the total of homes using TV services, around 3.6 times what was registered in 2008.

The study also shows that Brazil, Mexico and Peru appear as the countries with the greatest perspective of percentage evolution towards 2018, due to their relative lower rates of development. During the medium term, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are expected to be the four biggest pay-TV markets by volume of clients. Between the four they would amount to 87.9 per cent of the subscribers in 2018.

Towards 2018 it is expected that 93.1 per cent of the pay-TV subscribers of the region would be subscribed to some digital option, with DTH as the option with the biggest growth in the region. In 2018, DTH will amount to almost 60 per cent of the subscribers. Digital Cable is forecast to be the second option in the market with regards to subscriber concentration in 2018, covering almost 29 per cent of the total, while IPTV would attract nearly 4.5 per cent of subscribers.

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