Advanced Television

at800 accredited installer scheme

July 17, 2013

at800at800 – the organisation responsible for ensuring people continue to receive free-to-air television when 4G mobile services operating at 800 MHz are launched – is working closely with the aerial installer industry to address possible disruption to Freeview services. For the minority of viewers who experience disruption, at800 will deploy its accredited installers if a free at800 filter fails to resolve television interference.

at800-accredited installers will be available to help householders resolve disruption to Freeview services caused by 4G at 800 MHz on their primary TV set.

Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive of at800, said, “Many viewers will be able to fix any disruption to their Freeview service caused by 4G at 800 MHz by fitting the free at800 filter. However, in some cases, this won’t be possible; so we have put in place this scheme to provide expert installers across the UK who can take additional action to restore Freeview at no cost to viewers.”

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