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nideo business video hosting platform

July 18, 2013

nideo has launched its online video platform to cater specifically for businesses. Open to any company of any size producing video content – micro/small to mid-sized businesses, larger corporations, or digital producers like marketing and advertising agencies – nideo offers a place to host and share videos with an online audience, a private solution for sharing internal content, or the opportunity to join a professional online network.

Roy Kimani, nideo CEO, says: “According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It’s understandable then that businesses invest heavily in video content to engage with their customer base, attract new prospects, drive sales or build brand awareness. To do this effectively, a platform needs to offer flawless content delivery and a credible online environment for their videos. Our research suggests that YouTube – often the default platform due to lack of choice – just isn’t delivering this for them.”

nideo COO James Hakesley, added “(Our) figures show the public’s distaste for the distractions, ads and clutter that typically surround a video when it’s uploaded to YouTube. In nideo we have created a fast, clean and clutter-free environment for business videos that keeps them away from distracting collateral ads or irrelevant content.

“The platform has been designed with a community element in mind, including features that will showcase trending or latest videos and encourage users to share and appreciate other content. This helps businesses of all sizes use video to expand their online network, whilst increasing sales, awareness and engagement with their key audiences.”

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