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Comigo WatchApps drives viewer engagement

July 23, 2013

Comigo has developed a new breed of contextual and interactive applications, branded ‘WatchApps’, that enable TV viewers to engage with the content they watch and share it with friends.

WatchApps can be synced with specific shows and are overlaid on top of the broadcast stream as per the viewer’s request. The apps are available on Android or iOS-based tablets and smartphones, as well as on the TV screen (by using Comigo’s STB middleware). They enable viewers to watch TV shows and interact with the viewed content and their friends, all at the same time.

The WatchApps can be played on the TV set itself, so users do not have to look away from the main screen. Additionally, they can operate the WatchApps on a tablet or smartphone that has been synced with the TV set, so as not to disturb the viewing of others watching with them.

WatchApps also opens many opportunities for a shared experience with friends. For example, if the user decides to buy merchandise, the platform enables them to invite his or her friends to buy the same product. This type of group buying can even lead to a lower price. The user can also choose to send a virtual champagne glass to friends, and can see Facebook or Twitter messages that relate to the show that the user is watching.

“Market reaction to our WatchApps platform has been fantastic,” commented Dov Moran, founder and CEO of Comigo. “Not only does it enhance the viewer’s overall experience, but it enables the operator to increase viewer engagement and monetise beyond the content. Using the WatchApps platform the operator can deliver services, information and capabilities which are relevant to the show”.

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