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Grupo TV Cable, Bireme Systems forge strategic alliance

August 19, 2013

Grupo TV Cable Ecuador, the largest cable system operator in Ecuador and a founding member of the TEPAL consortium, and Bireme Systems LLC have announced a strategic alliance to provide comprehensive assistance to vendors entering the Latin American market.

The two companies will offer key capabilities; executive and operational relationships with Cable, Wireless, Wired and DTH operators; technical guidance and a testing infrastructure to enable new and existing entrants to the Latin America market to introduce; homologate; test and scale their products, services and organisational structures to enable expedited participation in the unprecedented growth of the Latin American region.

Grupo TV Cable and Bireme Systems will leverage their experience in working with key innovators, vendors and systems integrators to develop, implement and scale their capabilities in Ecuador and other countries.  The alliance is aimed at three major objectives:

–       Accelerate introduction and commercialization of technology in Latin America;

–       Provide operators and vendors with a flexible and strategic forum for cooperation in key areas such as innovation, targeted investments and scale;

–       Assume a leadership role in promoting cross-operator cooperation, technology modernization and ubiquitous services in Ecuador and across alliances in the region.

“As the fastest growing region in terms of communications equipment, software and services, Latin America represents a tremendous market opportunity,” said George Kassas, founder and CEO of Bireme Systems.  “Bireme Systems and Grupo TV Cable have the expertise and market insight to help the vendor community to capitalize on the 750 million smart devices already in the market, and to introduce new technology, content, and smart capabilities.”

“Prior to founding Bireme, George Kassas was instrumental in helping drive the growth of VoIP services with Grupo TV Cable and throughout Latin America.” said Jorge Schwartz, chairman and CEO of Grupo TV Cable.  “Our relationship with Bireme is designed to use our combined skills to help operators and vendors grow businesses, deepen customer relationships and create key competitive advantages.”

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