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AMOS-4 successfully launched

September 2, 2013

AMOS-4, built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for Spacecom, was successfully launched lon August 31st from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, aboard a ZENIT 3SLB launcher. On the morning of September 1st the satellite separated from the launcher’s last stage and has started communicating with the ground control station and mission control. IAI engineers have started Transfer Orbit operations.

During the coming three weeks, AMOS-4 will continue its transfer orbit until arriving at 67.250 East, where In Orbit Test will be conducted before continuing to its designated permanent service location at 650 East.

IAI President and CEO Mr. Joseph Weiss said from the launch site: “We feel very proud of AMOS-4, which reaffirms IAI’s position as a world class satellite provider with industry leading capabilities in observation and communication satellites.”

IAI is the prime contractor for all Israeli satellite programs. It has successfully launched 14 satellites to date, with 100 per cent in orbit success.

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