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TV still top source for news

September 26, 2013

More than half of the UK see the BBC as their single most important source of news, according to figures released by media regulator Ofcom.

The report said TV remained by far the most important platform for news, used by 78 per cent of adults against 40 per cent who read newspapers, 35 per cent who turn to the radio and 32 per cent who look to the Internet.

The BBC website remains the most popular online destination, used by 52 per cent of web users, against 19 per cent of people who use Facebook and 10 per cent who turned to Twitter for online news updates.

While Twitter was praised for the range of opinions it offers, more than any other named source across any media, less than a third of people who used it regarded it as accurate (29 per cent) or trustworthy (28 per cent), said Ofcom.

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