Advanced Television

Sony: 4K in homes “sooner than you think”

October 25, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Sony Pictures Technologies president Chris Cookson, speaking at a Consumer Electronics Association event, said that there are now 15,000 cinemas equipped for 4K digital projection, and he predicted that the theatre experience would soon migrate to the home.

“It is natural to expect [4K/Ultra-HDTV in homes], with what’s gone on for the last 60 years where the television experience has mimicked what theatres have done, pushed them to go to yet another level. I think that if people are used to seeing pictures that fill up a greater level of their field of view, and see more information that’s sharper and clearer, if that’s what the theatres are offering, that’s what we can expect to see in the home.”

He told delegates that viewers would soon begin to see that 1080p HDTV sets would soon seem antiquated. Cookson said he expected that within 4-5 years, Ultra-HD would be mainstream. “We’ve seen the future,” he said, “and it’s here.”


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