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LG ‘investigates’ its spying Smart TV

November 21, 2013

lgsmarttvLG says it is investigating allegations that some of its Smart TVs send details about their owners’ viewing habits back to the manufacturer, even if the users have activated a privacy setting.

A UK-based IT consultant blogger, DoctorBeet, detailed how his Smart TV was sending data about which channels were being watched. He also indicated that the TVs uploaded information about the contents of devices attached to the TV; it could imply LG has broken data privacy laws.

The Information Commissioner’s Office told the BBC it was looking into the issue.
When the consultant – Hull-based Jason Huntley – contacted LG he was told that by using the TV he had accepted LG’s terms and conditions, and that any remaining concerns should be directed to the retailer who had sold him the screen. But when the BBC contacted LG, it indicated it was looking into the complaint.

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