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Mediamorph implemented by all3media

December 3, 2013

Mediamorph, the cross-platform media and entertainment intelligence and analytics firm, has revealed that all3media international, the distribution arm of the all3media group, has implemented its Track product. Track brings together, automates and provides analytics on top of usage and revenue data from all3media international’s digital, DVD and app licensees.

Mediamorph’s Track platform structures and streamlines the data management process and provides interactive analytic tools to make sales insights faster and easier to user. The product makes it easy for business users to spot changes in high-level sales trends and enables them to drill down for detail without the assistance of an IT team. With Mediamorph Track, all3media international now have access to an agile reporting platform that time and creates a well-informed business environment.

“Since adopting Mediamorph Track we’ve seen a significant improvement in the quality and speed of the consolidated reporting of our high growth digital revenues. We have been able to make faster and more informed commercial decisions as a direct result of the way we now analyse and understand our sales data,” said John Wagener, Financial Director for all3media international. “Prior to Mediamorph, we would manually create these reports which took up considerable resource and time, and the output was less accurate. Now the data flow process has been streamlined we can spend more time on interpreting the reports. It’s a smarter way to spend our time.”

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