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Kartina, PeerTV rollout Kartina OTT STB

February 3, 2014

Kartina and PeerTV are pleased to announce the launch of the Kartina IQ set top box which has been developed jointly by the two companies. The new Kartina IQ set top box is based on PeerTV’s eTV system.

Russian specialist PPV TV operator Kartina targets the fast growing Russian expatriate market globally and is forecasting sales of between 30,000 and 50,000 units. It will be supporting the launch of the PeerTV OTT set top box through extensive social media, dealer and internet based marketing campaigns.

PeerTV is now working on a second generation set top box which will deliver an enhanced viewing expertise to include additional multimedia, messaging and a new range of App based functionality. At the same time, a continuous programme of development will deliver regular upgrades throughout 2014 in areas such as High Efficiency Video Coding, Android and MPEG upgrades.

PeerTV CEO Avi Vermus comments, “The Kartina IQ set top box launch marks an important step in the development of our OTT business and our ability to deliver solutions to Telcos and TV companies wishing to enter the OTT space. TV and video content delivered over the internet is a fast growing and fast moving market and we now have a proven and tested product which can now be developed and adapted to suit market needs.”

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