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Shazam drives Super Bowl engagement

February 4, 2014

Shazam, the media engagement company, has revealed that this year’s Super Bowl broadcast is the company’s most successful to date, with exclusive content from Bruno Mars and featured advertisers helping drive more than 700,000 Shazams of the broadcast, leading to millions of interactions.

“We saw record levels of engagement with the Super Bowl with more than 700,000 Shazams of the game, with more than half of those happening during Bruno Mars’ halftime show.  Our timeline experience offered users the ability to replay the ads, catch all the new music as it was unveiled, and get exclusive content,” said Rich Riley, CEO.

Shazam launched a new Timeline feature for the Super Bowl that enabled viewers to keep up with all the key performances, ads, plays and tweets during the game.  Plus, this year all of the ads aired during the Super Bowl were recognised by Shazam – making it easy for viewers to watch again in the moment, today or anytime and share their favorites on social media.

While there were a number of spikes in Shazam activity, the half time performance of Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers singing “Give It Away” saw the biggest spike in activity.

Shazam recently launched its new Auto Shazam feature to make it easy for people to automatically identify the music and TV playing around them.  The new feature is designed for situations like watching the Super Bowl, when fans don’t want to miss a minute of the action, because it works in the background or when people are using other apps.   More than 90,000 – or nearly 15 per cent of the identifications – were generated by Auto Shazam, identifying all aspects of the game, including the half time show and the ads.

Prior to the broadcast, Shazam leveraged the reach of its new News Feed feature to reach out to more than 11 million iOS and Android users in the US to remind them about the Super Bowl broadcast. In the past months, Shazam’s News Feed has featured artist messages and other content to keep fans effortlessly informed about the artists, TV shows, and brands they love.

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