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Quiptel exands Quiptel Media Platform

March 11, 2014

Quiptel has announced the latest developments in their advanced Intelligent Streaming solutions. Using their innovative adaptive bit rate (ABR) technologies, the enhanced Q-Flow intelligent routing algorithm and an intuitive player UI, they have combined these developments to extend both the reach and capability of the Quiptel Media Platform (QMP). QMP is available either as a solution for integration with existing systems (SAAS), or as a hosted solution managed by Quiptel (PAAS), delivering consistent, high quality HD video streams to a full range of handheld, mobile and TV devices (inc: BYOD) in a cost-effective and modular approach that builds on readily available bandwidth.

The exponential growth of connected devices (inc: hybrid STBs and 2nd screens) combined with a demand for online content, continues to be ahead of the available bandwidth in large regions of the world. The issues associated with quality of service and cost of delivery of quality video have now been changed forever by the availability of the Quiptel QMP solution.

Quiptel sees significant opportunities to work with the full range of platform operators, content aggregators, channels, content owners, new entrants and partners who all want to realise the exciting value in being able to reach all types of connected devices. This opportunity has been reinforced at the recent Super Bowl in the USA, where CBS is reported to have generated over $10m in additional advertising revenue, just by adding incremental channels for additional viewers on tablets, around this one event.

“We aim to revolutionise IPTV and OTT media delivery with our server and cloud based solutions, delivering exceptional quality, greater consistency, faster output and lower cost of video delivery across multiple device formats. We are extremely excited to demonstrate the Quiptel Media Platform here in London and we look forward to engaging with the full range of customers worldwide who seek to realise the fantastic opportunities around the 2nd screen.” Peter Do, Chief Technology

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